"Our wounds are often our opening into the best and most beautiful part of us" - David Richo

Trauma, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Mindfulness, LGBTQ, Women's Empowerment, Grief and more...

"What you seek, is seeking you" - Rumi


My goal is to help you grow into your healthiest, happiest self. Are you facing a new challenge? Feeling sad, heartbroken or in a rut? Therapy is a great way to create positive change in your life and begin the healing process. 

Hello and welcome. I would like to first congratulate you on beginning your journey to healing. Here is a little bit more about me and how I work. I received my Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles and am passionate about improving the lives of others, through counseling work and within the non-profit sphere. I work mainly with individual clients (one-on-one) and believe that seeing each other weekly, is the best way to achieve significant, long term improvement. I was previously employed by Antioch University Counseling center and now work in a private practice setting in Los Angeles and digitally. I have 6+ years of counseling experience and am a licensed marriage and family therapist. Email me to learn more. Let's get started.